Tuition Schedule 2023-2024

Summerbella Dance Arts student tuition is based upon the number of class hours per week for each student. Our calendar year is August to mid-June, and closely follows the local school district calendar. Standard holidays and breaks for the Eureka School District are observed. For convenience, tuition payments are broken up into 11 equal installments. Tuition is charged monthly regardless of the number of weeks in the month. We do not charge more for months with 5 weeks, nor do we prorate for vacations or holidays. Tuition is billed on the 3rd of each month or on the next business day if the 3rd falls on a weekend or holiday. No tuition is charged in the month of July as that month is reserved for dance camps. Tuition will automatically be billed to the credit/debit card or bank account on file unless arrangements have been made to pay by cash or check. Tuition payments received after the 10th of the month are subject to a $20 late fee. Returned checks and denied card transactions are subject to a $20 fee. Dancer’s tuition account must be current before they are allowed to participate in performances. Students may not be allowed to participate in classes if tuition has not been paid after the 10th of the month. Tuition will not be prorated if withdrawing mid-month.


Classes Monthly Tuition
First Student
.75 Hours per week $70
1 Hour per week $80
1.5 Hours per week $122
2 Hours per week $142
2.5 Hours per week $176
3 Hours per week $206
3.5 Hours per week $232
4 Hours per week $256
4.5 Hours per week $277
5 Hours per week $300
6 Hours per week $326
7 Hours per week $350
8 Hours per week $371
9 Hours per week $396
10 Hours per week $408
11 Hours per week $431
12 Hours per week $441

Other Fees

In addition to tuition, fees may  be charged to the same debit or credit card on file. Examples of these additional fees would include company or troupe director fees, costume fees, or performance fees. Notifications of the charges to be made will be sent to the email address on record at least five business days before the charges are made.

A non-refundable registration fee of $35 per student or $50 per family is due upon enrollment for each new season. If a student drops and re-enrolls within the same school year, they must re-register.

The studio must be notified in writing by the 15th of the month in order to stop the automatic payments for the following month. Your notice must be submitted in writing via email: [email protected]  There are no tuition refunds for missed classes. Tuition will be billed for June for all students actively enrolled in a class the previous month. This is to discourage students from dropping right before recital, which makes it difficult on teachers who are blocking performance numbers.

You will have 30 days to make up any class you have missed. Please call or email our front desk team to schedule your make up class.

The student enrolled with the most amount of hours will pay tuition at the full rate. A 10% monthly tuition discount will be given to additional family members living in the same household.